10 April 2014

Mini Easter Egg Nail Art

 *Some polishes provided for previous review*

Hi Guys! I am a bit early, but I couldn't wait to post some Easter themed nail art! You can browse all of my Easter nail art done through the previous years by clicking here. For this year, I didn't do much - only a few, and toady I'm showing you some mini Easter Eggs!

For these teeny eggs, I started with a base of Color Club In De-Nile (reviewed here), a perfect soft baby blue polish! Once dry, I painted the eggs using white acrylic paint, then added the little details using various colors of acrylic paints. I topped it all off with a matte top coat, which I think really made the mani!

The little details were a lot harder than it seems. I'm not so used to adding these tiny little lines and dots, but I'm practicing - and it's actually not half bad. I wanted to keep the color scheme simple so I went with 5 different colors as opposed to the whole rainbow.

What do you think of these little eggs? I really think they're cute - and definitely sparked an interest in creating tiny nail art! 

*Color Club polish was provided for previous review. All other products were purchased by me.*


  1. These tiny eggs are so cute! I love the colour scheme too! I cannot wait to see what other tiny nail art you come up with in the future! :)

  2. This is a super cute nail art! Loving it

  3. The design is adorable and the colors are perfect together!

  4. Wow, such detail! Love the little eggs. Fabulous nail art and photos.

  5. Wow so much detail for the eggs! I love it! The eggs are so cute :D

  6. Super cute. I will put it in my easter nail art favourites and your link down below offcourse !


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