29 November 2012

Holiday Manicures of the Past

This post is a bit different than usual. I wanted to share my Holiday Manicures from last year, 2011. Mind you, I had just started my blog, so my techniques, photographs and hand placement was a bit awkward. When I look back, I see I have improved a bit and it makes me happy, but those old photos make me squirm - they're just so bad, but hey - we all start someplace! These pictures are just some of the manicures, you can CLICK HERE to view the rest of my Christmas manicures. 

I look forward to some awesome Christmas Manicures for this year, promised to be better than last years :)


  1. lol I don't much like going back and looking at the beginnings of my blog.. the photos and hand placement are awful! These are super cute though :)

  2. All of those are so cute! x)

  3. These are adorable! My favorites are the Rudolph characters, the gingerbread men and the Christmas lights. I think you did a great job!


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