24 December 2014

Christmas Eve Holo Patchwork

*Gifted Polishes*

Heyyy Guys! Merry Christmas Eve (for those that celebrate). I actually am showing you the design I am currently wearing on my nails, which NEVER happens! I sometimes don't post the designs I wear, but I really loved this one - and it was a last minute thought too!

23 December 2014

Winter Pattern Nails

 *Nothing to Disclose*

Hey Guys! Today's design was a left over from the Digit-al Dozen Does Winter Wonderland. I had done an extra design, and ended up not posting it for the week, so you're seeing it now! I took inspiration for this design from a pattern (which is my favorite thing to do). I have no clue on what to call this design, so winter pattern nails it is!

22 December 2014

Christmas Ornaments

*Nothing to Disclose*

Heyyyyy Guys! Christmas is only 3 days away, eek! I am so excited for it this year, Connor is going to have a blast opening his gifts on Christmas morning. I have just two more nail designs to share with you all before the big holiday. Today I am showing you some cute red and green ornaments, super festive! 

19 December 2014

Funky Christmas Colored Pattern

*Nothing to Disclose*

Hello everyone! I am back from a mini hiatus here on the blog! I was feeling a bit under the weather this past week, so I spent my days off resting and taking time for myself. I come back with my last few Christmas designs to share with you all. Today's design came from a part of a fun design from Playful Polishes! Her whole mani is amazing, but I was specifically drawn to the design on her ring finger, so I decided to recreate it!

12 December 2014

The Digit-al Dozen Does Winter Wonderland: Snowy Stripes

*Nothing to Disclose*

Hey Lovely People! It's Day 5 of the Digit-al Dozen Does Winter Wonderland, which means it is the last day! This theme was SO much fun for me, I would do it for a whole 'nother week! Today I went with a scrapbook paper pattern I had seen. I loved the colors and that they were different than the traditional winter colors - so I gave it a go!